About Calico Racing

Hi! I’m Joyce Forier; founder, owner, and race director of Calico Racing. Since inception in 2007 it has been my honor to showcase the exquisite natural side of Las Vegas. With 8- 12 races annually Calico Racing offers unique running events throughout the valley that work in harmony with nature, challenge you in creative ways, and offer a personal touch not possible in mass production races.

With 11 years of experience in hosting extreme heat; multi-day; overnight; remote; and logistically challenging races my team and I are excited to bring to you the Mojave Desert’s first self supported stage footrace.

Integrity, innovation, attention to detail, community, and environmental stewardship are the driving forces behind Calico Racing. A resident of Southern Nevada since 2001, I am a true desert rat, and am most at home among the canyons. My inspiration and creativity thrive when I am out on a run. In fact, Calico Racing was conceptualized on a run at Red Rock Canyon, whose trail-heads “Calico Hills” dictated the namesake and logo colors for Calico Racing.

A veteran of 150+ marathon or longer races myself, I have raced events of every type in all 50 US States and on 5 continents: Small and intimate, mega city, 250K self supported stage race, world-class international destination races, 100 milers, and Ironmans. It is through a participant’s eyes that I design Calico Racing’s courses and the overall race experience. A solo racer most of my running career, I know what it is like to arrive a stranger. Calico Racing will help facilitate your walking away as friends. Welcoming of athletes of all abilities, I invite you to join us, and let me share with you my Las Vegas, Nevada.

Born out of serenity, inspired by nature ~ Events by a runner, for runners.