Joyce Forier

Race Director, Founder, Owner

Hi! I’m Joyce Forier, and it is my honor to be your race director for the Vegas Valley Voyage! You can read more about me personally in the “About Calico Racing” section. However, Calico Racing wouldn’t be possible without an extraordinary team supporting me! A solid team is only as good as the synergy amongst the members, and we have a magical cohesion that makes great things possible! Allow me to introduce to you my Calico Family….

Steve Delaney

Course Manager

Steve Delaney has been working with me since 2009. What started out on a volunteer basis, I brought him on in a more formal capacity in 2012. Steve helps with any task I ask, unless it involves a computer. His energy overflows and his capacity to work and get stuff done is second to none. A resident of Las Vegas for 30+ years, Steve has hiked, biked, kayaked, and camped all over the surrounding valley. Together Steve and I covered thousands of miles to build what is now the final Vegas Valley Voyage course.

Jerry Foreman

Camp Manager

I first met Jerry in 2007 when we were both working as hired contract help for a triathlon company. It wasn’t until 2011 when I realized just how brilliant Jerry is! His laid back and unassuming nature never revealed to me how multi-faceted Jerry is! Jerry has worked in so many capacities in the endurance racing scene, in addition to being a professional photographer, college professor, and a former hiking and wilderness guide at the Grand Canyon. Jerry joined the Calico Racing family in 2010 occasionally working as my event timer. He has since taken on more roles to be considered critical staff at each and every Calico Racing event. Jerry also brings to the table another set of race director’s eyes, as he is the founder and owner of a mud and obstacle racing company. He joins the V3 Ultra team as your camp manager, though his capabilities are boundless.

Linda Rider

Key Volunteer

Linda is affectionately dubbed as my Las Vegas Mama! Linda joined the Calico Racing family in 2011 at our Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Marathon at Area 51, and has been a cherished member of the family ever since. Linda is an endurance race volunteer extraordinaire- having volunteered at numerous running and biking events. Professionally, Linda is a registered nurse for over 40 years, with a specialty for the last 30 years in infectious disease. Notably, Linda had an opportunity to travel to Liberia to assist with the Ebola epidemic. When not working as an RN or volunteering for endurance events, Linda enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, rock hounding, and tending to her mini-ranch family of goats, chickens, llama, and numerous other animals. Linda promises to enchant us around the V3 camp playing her native American flute and Moyo drum!

Ernie Rambo

Key Volunteer

Ernie Rambo is the original key volunteer for Calico Racing! In 2007 Ernie was intrigued by the first ever event under Calico Racing management, the “Running with the Devil” extreme heat race. A veteran finisher of the Badwater 135 in 2002, she quickly offered her expertise to volunteer at our inaugural event. A friendship of mutual respect and shared passions ensued, and Ernie has remained a staple in the Calico Racing family ever since. Ernie has resided in Las Vegas since 1979 and is definitely a desert runner at heart! She completed the Marathon des Sables in Morocco in 2000; and has literally run the state of Nevada from north to south (720 miles) and triangularly (1000+ miles) in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Ernie is thrilled to be a part of a multi-day running event in Nevada, and looking forward to other runners experiencing Nevada’s rugged and beautiful terrain!

Sam Scheller

Medical Director

Coming soon!

* Calico Racing reserves the right to make any necessary changes to staff and volunteers.*