V3 vs 3V

The Vegas Valley Voyage offers 4 different, yet simultaneous events:

V3 Ultra: The V3 Ultra is our signature Vegas Valley Voyage event. It is approximately 150 miles run in 6 stages over 6 days. Choose from either “Self Supported” or “Assisted” division. **

  • Stage 1: ~28 miles
  • Stage 2: ~26 miles
  • Stage 3: ~26 miles
  • Stage 4: ~23 miles
  • Stage 5: ~42 miles
  • Stage 6: ~5 miles

3V Ultra: Affectionately dubbed the Vegas Virgin Voyage, this 3 day version covers the first ~80 miles/ 3 stages of the V3 course. Choose from either “Self Supported” or “Assisted” division. The Vegas Virgin Voyage plays off the namesake of the Virgin River, a tributary to the Colorado River which we glimpse along the course during stage 2.  A full on race in its own right, this 3 day race is not only for virgins, and can be attractive for those with the following needs:

  • First timers (virgins): For those curious about self supported stage foot races but not yet ready to take the full plunge, 3V offers an opportunity to get an appetizer taste.
  • Going for speed: So you’ve raced 150 mile self supported stage races before- now’s your chance to open it up and see how fast you can go knowing you don’t have to pace for the long march of Stage 5. Let ‘er rip!
  • Gear testers: For those participating in other self supported stage foot races around the world, 3V lends the perfect opportunity to try out new gear in a real race setting. Wondering if that new backpack is comfortable to go the distance? New trail shoes or gaiters not sure how they’ll hold up to the elements? Dial in your race nutrition, see what your body desires for fueling around camp here at 3V! Join us and know for sure!
  • Training: For those participating in other self supported stage foot races around the world- 3V offers an excellent platform to train real stage distances and terrain, under watchful professional eyes.
  • Time constraints: For those with limited time, 3V offers a weekend centric race schedule to maximize your precious time away. We’ll work with you as best we can to maximize your arrival and departure schedule should the posted schedule prove too lengthy. Email me with additional time constraints: calicoracing@hotmail.com
  • Accompanying race support: Have a friend, spouse, or loved one running in V3 but not up for the whole 150 miles? Why let them have all the fun?! Join for the first 3 days on course- then opt to stay on with the group the next 3 days and volunteer, or head back to Las Vegas after your finish. (*see note below*)
  • Looking for a new challenge: You’ve run back to back marathons, or even triple marathons- now you can add the challenge of being self supported.


  •  All runners (V3 and 3V/ Self Supported and Assisted) will start each of the first 3 stages together.
  • Each of the 4 divisions will have different colored bib numbers so that you know who you are racing against.
  • Tents will mostly be split; i.e. tents complete with “Self Supported” runners and tents complete with “Assisted” runners; then further divided by distance. There *may* likely be a small number of blended tents TDB to accommodate those traveling together in the 4 divisions; or by nature of the final distribution of the number of total participants.
  • Those registered for V3: if you are not having a good race and want/ need to drop out- you may elect to drop down to the 3V category and still be considered an official finisher. Those who elect to drop down to 3V may stay on the last 3 days as a volunteer, or may go back to Las Vegas at the end of stage 3, however hotel accommodations would be the participant’s expense and may not be available at the host hotel. Race management will do our best to assist in these “in the moment” details but your patience is appreciated.
  • Those registered for the “Self Supported” division: if you are not having a good race and want/ need to drop out- you may elect to drop down to the “Assisted” division and still be considered an official finisher.
  • Calico Racing wants your race to be a success and will provide as many options to you as possible to keep you in the race in one distance/ division or another!

**3V Accompanying runners note**: For 3V registrants who are accompanying a loved one in the V3 distance, a limited number of spaces will be available to stay on with the group the remaining 3 days. Since space is limited in vehicles to transport people from camp to camp- those staying on must be willing to volunteer around camp, at a checkpoint, or as needed by race management. You will need to still be self sufficient with your own food and necessities for these additional days, but you will not be required to carry them during your 3 race days. You may bring one small backpack of additional items (limit 15 pounds) for your own use (not to be shared) which will be transported and held by race management until you cross your finish line.

** Please note that minor changes may be made to stage specific and total mileage.